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Title page of the 1908 edition of Excerpta Cypria by Claude Delaval Cobham

Digital Cobham is a bibliography of material about Cyprus published before 1910 based on Claude Delaval Cobham's pioneering scholarship. It lists over 2000 fully searchable bibliographic entries for books and articles that contain information about Cyprus.

Each entry includes a description of the work, links to selection of libraries that hold it, and for most works a link to a digital copy of the work you can immediately read.

Plate from Thomas Sandwith's On the different styles of Pottery found in Ancient Tombs in the Island of Cyprus published in Archaeologia in 1887

Basic bibliographic information is provided for each entry including the title, authors, publisher, publication location, year published and a short physical description. Information about editions, revisions, translations of the work is also provided, particularly for earlier works.

Most entries provide a link to a digital copy of the work available for immediate reading.

Each entry includes links to holdings of the work in major libraries in Britain, America, France, Germany, Greece and Cyprus. Links to the catalog entries for Cobham's own copies of the works (once held by the Royal Commonwealth Society, now at Cambridge University) are also provided. Entries provide links to bibliographies appropriate to the type of entry where you can examine other ways the works have been catalogued.

Title page of Paul Rycaut's The Present State of the Greek and Armenian Churches published in 1679

Digital Cobham includes references to works listed in the 1908 edition of Cobham's bibliography and works referenced in his Excerpta Cypria. It also includes additional material published before 1910 listed by George Jeffery in his revised edition of the bibliography.

The bibliography has been expanded with references to works published before 1910 listed in other major works about Cyprus along with references provided by users of this bibliography. Currently the bibliography does not include references to newspaper articles, maps, atlases or manuscripts.

Summary Information:

Total number of entries:  2756
Entries with a digitized version available:  2022

Entries taken from Cobham:

From the 1908 bibliography and excerpta: 991
From Jeffery's 1924 bibliography: 1260

Other Information:

Number of journals/periodicals cited: 376
Number of people (authors) cited: 1766
Entries not located in any library: 20

Changes to the Bibliography:

Entries added in the last 30 days:  1
Entries modified in the last 30 days:  3